Jungle Book by Yusuke Oono

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your fave is problematic…hydromatic…ultramatic…
why, it could be greased lightning!

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please unmute this vine, I swear

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The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more]


when you find out your friends are hanging out without you:


John:trapped in Homosuck (We'll see him in the next panel)
Jade:dead. With Calliope, making fantrolls.
Rose:Just got to LOFAF. Saw shit go down. More concerned about seeing her sleeping mom
Dave:Chasing Bec Noir, who has Jade's dead body.
Jake:Confused as hell, standing on Jade's old house, watching Gamzee fight Terezi
Dirk:travelling as fast as he can toward Skaia. Last we saw him he was 3 hours away.
Jane:Taking care of Aranea. Is actually on top of her
Terezi:Almost dead, being killed by Gamzee.
Karkat:With Kanaya, getting pissed at Gamzee.
Kanaya:Also getting pissed at Gamzee.
Aradia:Still in dream bubbles
Aranea:Almost killed Jane with Dirk's katana, but was stopped by the arrival of )(IC
)(IC:Just arrived, saw Aranea, super pissed
Gamzee:Being an asshole
Erisolsprite:On LOMAX, hating life (Or with the other sprites)
The other sprites:On LOTAK I think
Mayor:On LOHAC